During the last few weeks doing my Design and Enterprise module we have been going through the NESTA program. It’s been really insightful and made me evaluate many things about my business idea that I hadn’t ever considered!

My initial development of my business idea is explained in the previous post, but since doing the NESTA program it has come on in leaps and bounds and is beginning to look like something that can hopefully become real! We investigated things like our target customer, how to reach them, what they would be willing to pay for our service/product and form there try and calculate how much money we could prospectively make!

We had to figure out what made our business different, what our USP was, and how we could market ourselves successfully and raise money to bring our projects to life. I realised that if I take this project seriously, I can actually make You’re It a real thing. From doing these workshops I have been able to work through and make a plan of action for over the summer that will hopefully result in me running the first official You’re It event during freshers week!

I find it amazing the amount of I have learned this semester, I’ve gone in to this class with next to no knowledge on running a business and have left at the end believing that I can actually go forth and make my product a success!


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