GSJam Dundee!

The 7th, 8th and 9th of March were the busiest, most hectic and most fun days I’ve had in a long, LONG TIME! I was participating in the Global Service Jam, a world wide service design event where we aim to change the world in 48 hours!

We all met at 5pm on the Friday evening and our secret theme was unveiled at 6pm. Here is it:


Safe to say that at 6:05 the Secret Theme was still a bit of a secret to most of us! The theme was open to interpretation and led to an hour of brain storming what it could possibly be! We all settled on 5 themes that continued to pop up – health, stereotypes, building/construction and play

My group (made up of Leo Sarkisan, Alison Best, Urška Tičar, Susie McGowan and Juliet Wright) went with the idea of play. We initially explored means of making adults begin to think more like children in order to become more creative and free in their day to day lives.

We were given an example by our tutor, Mike Press – all children communicate visually, they all draw, but if you give an adult or a teenager a pencil and a piece of paper they most likely would feel embarrassed or awkward about drawing something. At what point do children stop communicating this way, at what point do they begin to get embarrassed?  They get to a point where they look at what they have drawn, compare it to real life and either decide that it is not good enough and give up, OR think that what they’ve drawn is pretty cool and carry on being creative without embarrassment.

We wanted to create a service that gave adults an environment to act like an adult, but think like a child.  We looked at creating a sort of workshop, but quickly realised that that wouldn’t be very viable. We took to the streets for some market research, asking both children what they want to be they grow up and adults what they wanted to be when they were younger and how that compares to today. Our results were really interesting, but one thing that we noticed was that when we got adults to talk about their childhood they got super animated and excited. Our group had a little lunchtime break and over coffee decided that we should bring some aspect from childhood and re appropriate it for adults!

And that’s how “You’re It!” came to be! “You’re It” is an app that facilitates games of hide and seek in real life! Players are organised, locations are set and released just before the game, and seekers are chosen. The app uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to track players and register when they are caught! The games would take place in urban green spaces during lunch breaks, allowing workers to get out the office and have a bit of fun and exercise!

The weekend was fantastic and utterly exhausting. I left on a complete high, wishing that every weekend could be as fulfilling as the Global Service Jam.


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