So, things have been getting more and more busy since week 2, I now have 4 projects running side my side instead of three (!) and they all seem to have deadlines at similar times. This is going to be fun.

This week I have been focusing more with my Change by Design module – our group has met up three times this week and we had a tutorial, so I feel like we are really making progress with this project!

The project is all about the value of water, and we have chosen to focus on drought in Britain and how it affects water usage. We have been looking at ways we can get people’s opinion on water and if they even see that there is a problem with wasting it.

In areas of developed countries with such shortages, instead of importing lots of drinking water that would be used in ways where drinking water isn’t necessary they have started using grey water. Grey water is recycled water from sources where clean water is needed (from showers and sinks etc.) that can be used in situations where drinking water isn’t needed, like toilet cisterns and watering plants. I have found it strange that the use of grey water isn’t as popular here as other countries, our plumbing automatically uses drinking water for everything.

I find that quite strange.

I have also been looking at my carpet cut-off project and have really made progress with it. I have been looking at origami and kusadamas.

I am currently attempting to make a massive kusadama from carpet! At this point making paper maquettes for every design I’m thinking of is going to be a nightmare as the designs are getting more and more intricate, so I’ve moved onto making digital models on Sketchup

This took me 4 HOURS. Paper kusadamas are hard to make. You know what’s harder to make? Massive carpet kudasamas. You know what’s even harder to make? 3d digital model kusadamas.




kusadama MAD.


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